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Clinician referral: Lief Smart Patch

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Clinician referral: Lief Smart Patch

Clinician referral: Lief Smart Patch

$399.00 $499.00 saving $100.00

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The Lief is the world's first ECG smart patch that helps retrain your response to stress. When your heart shows signs of stress, Lief uses vibrations on the body to guide your breath with your heart's natural rhythm. No screens needed. Just breathe with it. This method has over 20 years of evidence-based research in heart rate variability biofeedback  (HRVB) that we've reimagined for modern living.

What's included:

  • Lief Smart Patch
  • 1 charging pad
  • 8 weeks of Lief stickers
  • Lief App and Self-Regulation Toolkit


Choose a routine then go.

Lief uses short 3-minute biofeedback exercises or “doses” as a central training tool in building long-term results. By practicing throughout the day, you can maintain your physical and emotional resiliency while staying focused and balanced.

Choose a routine then go



Measure what matters


No Screens Necessary

Put Lief on in the morning, then forget about it. When your body needs a reset or it’s time to train, Lief's quiet vibrations make sure you're the only one that notices. You don't need a screen to understand what's going on, or what to do next. Just notice the vibration and follow along with your breath.

No screens necessary


Insight into the Mind

Developed with Stanford and UCSF clinicians, the Lief support app helps you record your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations. The app combines with Lief to uncover and untangle thinking patterns that are negatively affecting your body. 

  • Thought Records 
  • Progress reviews 
  • Self-regulation toolkit 
  • Audio exercises 
  • Mood rating


The Science

The Lief measures your heart rate variability (HRV) to recognize your stress patterns with clinical-grade accuracy. HRV is the healthy variation in your heart rate, and it can act as a robust biomarker of stress and psychological health.


HRV Science with Lief

High HRV is generally highly desirable, indicating a calm, focused state. Extremely low HRV, by contrast, is a clue something may be off with your autonomic nervous system.

When your mind and body are relaxed, your heart naturally speeds up on each inhale, and slows down on each exhale. This creates high HRV, and a gentle wave pattern in your heart rate known as respiratory sinus arrhythmia. 

The Lief allows you to improve your HRV by breathing with your heart's intrinsic rhythm. This resonant breathing exercise, known as HRV biofeedback, is a simple and safe way to amplify your HRV wave.




The Story of Lief

The Story of Lief

Lief’s journey began in Harvard and Stanford neuroscience labs studying meditation’s effect on the human brain. After discovering first-hand that meditation techniques truly did have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing, we spent nearly a year trekking through the Himalayan mountains to measure the brainwaves and heartbeats of meditating Tibetan monks.

The journey was profound, discovering first-hand the power a trained mind can have over the body, and how deeply the heart is connected to our minds. These masters demonstrated their ability to change the temperature of their body, speed up and slow down their heart at will, and perhaps most profound was their clarity and empathy.

Eventually we returned to San Francisco to use our personal, scientific, and data learnings to turn over a new "Lief" and build the product we have today.


Learn more on our successfully funded Kickstarter page.