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Lief Therapeutics was founded in 2012 as a tool to make evidence-based research in HRV biofeedback accessible to all of us in our daily lives. Before Lief, Rohan Dixit (Founder, CEO) was researching meditation at The Harvard-MIT-MGH Martinos Center of Neuroscience at Stanford Medical Center, building machine learning algorithms from EEG data he gathered from  monks in Tibet. The idea of Lief came to Rohan one day when he crafted his own personal anxiety tool with a stethoscope and his girlfriend’s bra. It was a prototype to combine mindful techniques with heart rate biofeedback. That primitive combination of materials evolved into the sophisticated biosensing patch Lief is today.

Nathanael Wolfe (Co-Founder, COO) studied design at RIT and joined the team to bring user experience and product design expertise from his background in evidence-based intervention app design (Inward Inc, Mindfulness Daily). Nathanael believes deeply in the production of simple, smart tools to help people regain control of their beliefs and behaviors, and strives to empower people through self-care.

Billy Frese (CTO) met Rohan when the early Lief was going through the HAX Accelerator in Shenzhen, China. Billy graduated from UC Berkeley with a masters degree in biomedical engineering, and believes in creating cutting edge technology to marry physiological health with psychological well-being. We’re excited to introduce Lief Therapeutics as a thoughtful merging of technology, health, and you.